Cosmic Mates 

  • Learn the secrets of your personality and destiny
  • Find out how compatible you are with your loved one, family, and friends
  • Build a comprehensive list of all your relationships and their ratings
  • available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Your destiny, personality, and character explained


You will receive a graphical rendering of your numerology chart in the form of a star. 

Each segment of the star represents an aspect of you. 

The numbers assigned to each area are based on your name at birth and your birth date.  

Tap on a star segment to reveal a full explanation about that aspect and the number that corresponds with it. 

The object of your affection: is it meant to be?

Your relationship is assigned a certain level of compatibility based on your birth star and that of the person with whom you are paired. 

A rating of Level Eight is the rating of highest compatibility. 

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